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playing russian roulette one kiss at a time

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was the
o and i lost two more pounds-94 :)

how can this end
when its only just begun?
your body and mine
we're breathing as one...
this is where we belong;
half naked in each other's arms
laying under the stars
torturous flames nipping at our heels;
on our lips
excited cries bubble forth
only to fog the cold world outside.
that's all they deserve to see
from trying to hold us back from where we belong.

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well for my first entry, i'll write my challenge info. i've been in this challenge since early this month and have lost four/five pounds...sucks i know...today was the worst day i've had since starting the challenge, i binged soo much...my points for today aren't that good...ugh...
my grandmother makes jewelry and i'm getting her to make me red bracelets...(she doesn't know what they mean of course) but i printed some pics, so if anyone wants one? i actually read about a group that does trading of red bracelets and such? i'm going to search for it now...so...
i really need an ANA buddy from new jersey...someoneto talk to...
<3 stay strong ladies and gents, i can't wait to get to meet you
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